I am one of the founders of Verilab, an international team of elite engineers and programmers focused on the problem of reducing New Product Development time in the field of advanced electronic systems. We are particularly expert in one of the more time-consuming aspects: the verification of large and complex digital SoCs (Systems-on-Chip), and in helping our clients become systematically good at that too.

I’m currently Verilab’s Chief Executive Officer.  But as well as looking after the company overall, I am particularly interested in expert performance; what it is, what are its prerequisites, and what needs to happen to get from one to the other. I’m also interested in the dynamics of engineering and programming teams and organizations and how those help or hinder the promising newbie on the road to mastery. This blog reflects those interests.

My educational background is in Physics and Computing Science.

I’m originally from Scotland, where it rains a lot, and there’s not a lot of sun.

I now live in Texas, where it doesn’t, and there is.

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